"I don’t ship Brolin for real, just for fun"


Brolin shippers are the one who get the most hate in this fandom. Everytime some drama happens people blame it on Brolin shippers who basically never  do anything (and I’m talking here about real Brolin shippers not people who are tweeting guys things or doing stupid things like that). People even get “ I wish you would just kill yourself” messages in their inboxes just because they ship Brolin.

Brolin shippers usually get blame for “ruining the friendship” and making “guys uncomfortable”. I never saw any posts about Brangel ruining friendship between Bradley and Angel or Katie/Colin ruining them. It’s just us. Just because your ship is heterosexual it’s not making you a better person or fan than me. You’re still a real person shipper, SURPRISE.

Brolin shippers are called stupid teenagers who like to imagine two white guys having sex. And you can’t argue with that because whatever you will say – that you love the great chemistry between them, that you love how they always talk about each other in a great way, that you love the way they look at each other and that they’re each others special person – this people will always end up with “but this is gross and you only want them to kiss”. Most of my friends who are real Brolin shippers are not even teenagers anymore, they’re all smart and talented grown up people who just happened to fall in love in their relationship. But yeah, whatever.

We have to deal with every stupid rumour people spread. Because everytime Colin or Bradley is seeing with girl people are not reacting like „oh aw maybe they’re a couple how gorgeous” but they’re saying things like „haha look stupid Brolin shippers they’re WITH GIRLFRIEND” and send hurtful anons to nice and innocent Brolin shippers who totally not deserves this shit.

And because of the little moments between the two of them, because Bradley tweeted at 4am that he’s beaming with pride about his Irish Muffin I love this two assholes and I don’t understand how someone can say that he is only shipping them for fun because it’s such a fun shipping Brolin. It’s not really is.. but it’s beautiful otp,  I really believe that they’re each other special person even tho this fandom makes me sick.

My OTP is better than yours anyway.


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